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Efficient To-Do List is a cross-platform task manager. It makes every effort to assist you
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10 September 2015

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A solution to manage to-do lists that enables you to save to-do tasks, along with other relevant information (including attachments).

Features: Efficient To-Do List is a task management tool that greatly simplifies the task of remembering various tasks and to-do lists. Adding a task is extremely easy and available on the press of a button (“New task”). Each new task can be placed in one of three folders Life, Work or Other tasks. The tasks enumerate a calendar like schedule and this schedule is available in a variety of formats including weekly, monthly, overdue tasks, non overdue tasks, completed tasks, non completed tasks, and high priority. There are also customizable options to specify other views for the task schedule pane (right pane in the user interface). Tasks can be marked with a priority level ranging from lowest to highest, the state of a task can be adjusted on the fly, start and end dates can be specified as well as whether there should be an audio reminder or not. There is the option of adding relevant attachments for a task, and the option of specifying how often a task repeats. (Each of these things is available through a task window which opens for each and every task when clicked.)

Overall: This is an excellent task management tool. It has a nicely designed interface that makes the work of adding tasks extremely simple. The tasks can also be separated into different folders called Life, Work and Other Tasks. However, having introduced this feature it ought to have allowed the user to add more relevant folders (example school, home etc.), which, it seems cannot be done in this version. For the software to be really useful there should also be some kind of synchronization mechanism with standard calendar solutions such as Google Calendar, iCal and more. Without those, it sadly remains a standalone entity and one which is useful only to a user who always has the computer with Efficient To-Do list installed in it, nearby.

Publisher's description

Efficient To-Do List is a professional, cross-platform and handy task management software package. By specifying the priorities or order of to-dos (tasks) or specifying different colors for different task labels, Efficient To-Do List makes every effort to assist you in following the "First Things First" principle. It reminds you before a task starts or is due, helps you resist the temptation to "drag on" and brings you the sense of on-time job accomplishment. With its unlimited-level grouping and unlimited-level subtasks, you can better organize and manage the to-do list. The product saves you a lot of time with the great features such as quick find, copy and paste of to-dos and bulk import. Besides, there are many other special features such as displaying task list in card view, adding unlimited number of attachments or repeating recurring tasks in multiple modes and so on. Use Efficient To-Do List to improve productivity and experience the joys of salary boom and promotions right now! And you can sync data across PCs and mobile phones.
Efficient To-Do List
Efficient To-Do List
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